midsummermebnw2_edited-1I was born in Sweden 1963 but ended up in Australia in the 80’s. I have in other words now lived longer in OZ. I call both countries home by default. The reason I planted my feet here for good was all due to a man (another story). We’re still married, happily so. Our offspring consists of girl, boy, girl. They are adults and look after themselves very well these days.

I am a bit of a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ who has always kept myself busy with creating things. I am entrepreneurial and quite willing to have a go. I have had odd jobs here and there but been self employed most of my adult life with different projects. Since 2010 I am a boutique owner. Greenroom Gallery takes up 6 days of my week and long hours. I have given up sewing, making teddybears, carpentry, gardening and general creative ideas. I manage to squeeze in gym, good cooking, reading, beachwalks and I plan to garden again now in 2017. Living a busy life is a constant and a constant challenge.

I also love writing, always have. However there never seems to be enough time.  I have realised that for it to happen I must write in the middle of things (pun intended).