A sad backyard

When our kids were little I discovered gardening. To begin with I knew nothing of course but I learned along the way and I loved it, the digging, planning and planting and seeing the garden grow. Our first little home had a lush yard lovingly looked after. In 2000 we moved into our 2nd home, also built by us and we are still here. To begin with I had all the right intentions with the garden and spent many hours battling the clay-soil and scorching sun. I got it looking quite nice. Then I got busy with first my teddy bear artistry (another story) and then Greenroom Gallery (another story). My garden was neglected and it didn’t take long before the decay got the upper hand while my green thumb basically shriveled up and died.

blog-11-1-17-emma-vegegardenThe back corner had its’ day in the sun being a vege garden and all. Our eldest, Emma set it up for me 3 times. Here’s a pic of the very last time she did that for mum in 2012 before she gave up trying to fix my bad.

Our backyard became an eye-sore where weeds thrived and all the nice plants that needed a little tenderness died. It got to a stage where I wouldn’t even go out there anymore. Last year 2016 I went out twice and felt completely overwhelmed. While hubby got busy pulling out some weedy climbers taking over the fence, I sobbed. I know it’s pathetic but all I could feel was defeat.

Something that did grow was our Lillypillies creating a lush green barrier along the fence between us and the newly built neighbours’ house. With a height of 6m they were getting a bit out of hand and needed a little pruning. This is what we came home to after a nice weekend in Brisbane. STUMPS! That was not what we asked for. I was gutted. The Lillypillies was my only positive thing in our garden and now they were gone. It took a week to get over this and yes, the ‘pruning-guy’ is still alive but because I cannot face him.

But here’s the thing. Once I faced up to it, walked around out there and rubbed it in, how ugly it all is – a total disaster – finally something kicked in. I got INSPIRED. I’m going to grow my green thumb and create with plants again. Feeling quite excited. I still have very little time on my hands so it’ll be a slow project but that’s ok I have decided. This year is going to be a year of gardening.

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