Hello 2017

Hello 2017 you’re here. Been waiting for you. So excited that you finally birthed. So young, so fresh. You make me feel optimistic. What have you got in stall for me, for us? What can you offer? How should I plan you? What’s the best way to invest in you, make you work for me? Where should my focus be? Oh, so young so promising.

But of course 2017, I’ll get to know you pretty quick. I’ll get used to you and I know you’ll be bringing both the good and the bad. You’re not gonna be that different to the other years that passed. Well, some were worse than others. Some I still have many good memories from. Some years end up holding a special place in our hearts. My favourite year no doubt is somebody else’s Nemesis. I wish that you 2017 could be a blessing to every one of us.

Now I know you’re newly arrived and all that but there’s no time to lose. 365 days may seem like a really, really long time but if you ask me, it goes pretty darn quick. You’ll mature before you know it 2017 so I’d better make some good use of you.

I wish you, the reader so many things for 2017. I wish you enough time to rejuvenate, enough time with family & friends. I wish you health & happiness, persistence & courage, a sense of purpose in your world. Here’s to the New Year – Cheers!

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